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Freelance Developer

About me

Professional and creative developer, inspired by new technologies, passionate about start-ups and photography.


Nassuf Mmadi

Freelance Developer From Paris

My curiosity to understand how things works led me to start developing at 14 years old.

During over 6 years of professional experiences, I worked for start-ups and big well known companies mainly as a web and mobile developer.

Driven by a willing to innovate by trying to provide smartest solutions, I co-founded my first start-up, BringEvents, in 2012. It is a very beneficial experience for the projects I am working on as a freelancer.

Feel free to contact me for further informations.

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I mainly worked as a fullstack web developer but I also have mobile app development experiences. I really like to keep updated about the newest web and mobile technologies and have a particular interest for frontend. Thus, I use to spend about 30% of my free time challenging myself by working with angular.js, node.js, elastic search, rabbitMQ etc.

  • Lead Development 70%
  • PHP 90%
  • Mobile Apps (Cordova) 70%
  • jQuery 90%
  • Security Audits 90%
  • Symfony 2 80%
  • Angular JS 60%
  • HTML5 / CSS / Bootstrap 90%

Work Process








work experience

2015 - 2016

Lead Developer @ Keley-Live

From July 2015 to Feb 2016

Keley-Live works on digital projects for big companies such as Orange and Renault.

My role is to ensure of code quality, performance and security.
I am working on the new version of Orange business platform ( ).

  • RESTful API with DunglasApiBundle
  • Development processes with Git, Jenkins, Behat tests and Sensio insight
  • Technical advices and management of 4 developers (tasks, code reviewing etc)
  • Fullstack development

2015 - now


from 2015

Mainly experimented in PHP Symfony 2 and JS technologies.

I like to alternate working with startups and big companies / projects. It make me challenge myself around different kind of technical and management issues.

I am also very interested in web security. I do perform pentest and source code analyse following OWASP recommandation.

Do hesite to Contact me for futher informations.

2014 - 2015

Fullstack Developer @ NextRadioTV

from 2014 to 2015

Group of national TV and radio channels

NextRadioTV is a french multi-media group, owner of first TV news channel in France, BFM TV. The development team works for all the group's brands: BFM TV, BFM Business, RMC, RMC Découverte, RMC Sport and 01 Net.

Technical Environment
We re-developed all the websites using the new CMS BackBee, which is based on Symfony.
Technologies used: 
PHP 5 - Symfony - Memcached - Doctrine 2 - TWIG - jQuery
Git- Jenkins - Redmine - PHP Unit - Gitlab

Main tasks

  • Video management engine (workflow from sourcing to video broadcasting)
  • Optimizations (cache, performance)
  • Debug

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Co-Founder – CTO @ BringEvents

from 10/2012 to 01/2014

First social network based on Events

BringEvents is the first start-up I launched.
It was a web and mobile solution to discover events matching your interests, through calendar views.

Technical Environment
We developed the web and mobile app from scratch. We used a home-made MVC framework, which was a big mistake.
Technologies used: PHP 5 - MySQL - Memcached - jQuery - Smarty - NimbleKit (for iOS app development)
SVN - Redmine

Main tasks

  • Conception and development
  • Technical management
  • Recruitment
  • Marketing strategy and brainstorming around Business Model


Fullstack Developer @ La Tribune

from 05/2011 to 10/2012

Financial newspaper

La Tribune is the second financial newspaper in France.

Technical Environment website was based on the CMS BackBuilder.
Technologies used: PHP 5 - MySQL - Varnish - jQuery - Smarty - NimbleKit (for iOS app development)
SVN - Redmine

Main tasks

  • Web development: webservices-optimizations...
  • Security audits (pentest) & patch
  • Project management and development -
  • Workflow reorganization
    Redmine - SVN - BugTracker - Development process establishment

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2010 - 2011

Fullstack Developer @ Best Of ARTISANS

from 09/2010 to 05/2011

Craftsmans market place

Best Of ARTISANS was a novative solution to help people find the best craftsman they need.
They had 3.6 millions euros of TV advertising budget (on M6 TV channel), making this start-up growing-up very fast.

Technical Environment
The website was developed by an agency, using a home-made MVC framework.
Technologies used: PHP 5 - MySQL - jQuery - Smarty - PhoneGap (cross-platform app)
SVN - Mantis Bug Tracker

Main tasks

  • Web development: functionnalities, optimization...
  • Security audits (pentest) & patch
  • Mobile app conception and development with PhoneGap
  • Conception & Development of a Callcenter manager tool (webapp)

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from 2008 to 2010, during studies

Website conception & development

I worked for small companies as a freelancer during my studies.
I mainly developed intranets web app and small websites using PHP 5 / MySQL and jQuery.

Education experience


Communication @ Paris X University

Communication studies (oral and visual) - Web Design - Network


Information Science @ Paris V University

Top ranked informatic university in France

Development and IT project managing


Informatic Baccalaureat @ Paris

High school diploma with major in Informatic System Managing - Grade«Good»



"A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step."

- Lao Tzu


Some brands I have been working with.



You want to discuss a project we might work together ? Don't hesitate to contact me.


  • contact (at)

  • +33634165873 or +60102536072

  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.. for the moment :)